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rob from England wrote: 434
Desire Walks On
Been an avid follower of Heart since 1987 when they had their first top single in the U.K. with 'Alone' Jun-18-2015 1:25PM
Time Without Clocks from Ocean, Canada wrote: 433
Little Queen
Nancy Wilson,

I hear phantoms in your music. In your songs, love does not possess, it haunts. It is as far away as the horizon, and as close as your breath. Everywhere and no-where, I can't imagine anything lonelier. Jan-28-2015 9:39PM
Lise from Quebec City (CANADA) wrote: 432
PUH-LEEZ come back to Quebec City, you were AMAZING in June (as always), I miss ya so much !!! Cry Dec-27-2014 2:46PM
Dan from Wisconsin wrote: 431
Dreamboat Annie
First saw Heart in Cleveland back in the late 70s. I currently have tickets to see them in a few months in Appleton, WI. Looking forward to it!

Love you guys!

Can't wait. Smile Nov-03-2014 8:04PM
Nara Alivia from Escondido, CA wrote: 430
Hello Ann & Nancy,
I am stopping by to say hi to my two favorite Ladies from Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson you both have been my favorite singers since when I first founded you both out in 1980's when I was in my teens. I love you both Ann and Nancy Wilson, two pretty Ladies you both are. I love that you Ann Wilson and I share the same Birthday.My Birthday is on June 19 t h as it is also yours Ann Wilson. Your Birthday is also on June 19 t h.You Ann are a Gemini as I also am a Gemini. I love all of your songs Ann and Nancy Wilson. I love Ann's powerful voice and love when you Nancy and Ann play your guitars. Ann is the best rock singer of all time as alot of her fans have known that all along. Both Ann and Nancy rock my world. I Will always listen to your music and songs for the rest of my life. I enjoy singing along with you Ann and Nancy there on youtube and enjoy watching you both on videos. I also have your collection of Dvds and Cds at the house here in Escondido.You both are in my heart always. I send you both alot of hugs. Smile Sep-27-2014 2:12AM
Bill from Trenton, GA wrote: 429
Red Velvet Car
I have been a fan since the beginning! I love these ladies and the music that they make. It is honest and so many can really relate to it. Ann, you are a phenomenal woman with an extraordinary voice and personality! You too, Nancy! I hope you will both at least consider coming to the Chattanooga or Atlanta area.

~Bill Johnson Aug-15-2014 10:24PM
Theresa Weber from Northern Michigan wrote: 428
Jupiter's Darling
You ladies are phenomenal! Have loved you from the get-go. Went through high school and my many adult years now with you throughout. So many powerhouse songs that accompany so very many memories of my own life experiences - especially where men have been involved. Am forever grateful for your incredible talent and just want to say, "Thanks for the memories!" Heart Mar-12-2014 11:25PM
Gail K. from Superior, Wis wrote: 427
Private Audition
The dream I had (see message 420) has gotten stuck in my head, and I feel I'm supposed to do something with it. But I don't know what.
Now, last week I had another dream with the guitar guy. No songs this time. Instead, we were just standing and talking on a bridge made of bent willow, over the same stream. We talked about dating people and dancing to music. He said I should go to this wedding in town to dance, because he could not go himself.
Suddenly, I was walking toward the church steps with a dark purple wooden box, as a wedding present. I opened the church door and walked in, but now I was inside a softly-lit dinner restaurant. I went over and sat at an empty table and put the wood box on the table. But now, I was sitting in a brightly-lit breakfast café, next to a window. The wood box was now a velvet covered book. I paged through the book, but I couldn't read it, because it had like Russian or Greek letters. A blond waitress came over and said I'd have to leave, because the café was out of food. She then took the book, and left. I got up and tried to find her and the book. I was so scared that I lost the wedding present, and then I woke up.
I've thought about this dream, especially talking on the willow bridge. I have never really tried hard at writing a poem, but I thought I would write a poem about the bent willow bridge. But it kept changing into something different, like these strange dreams.
So, what do you think of my poem, and what do all these dreams mean?

The Color of Ghosts

A thousand years,
So long to linger,
What once was,
The was of love.

The day,
A moment,
To twilight,
The night.

Beyond the stillness,
Where time is gray,
The dust of love
Remains. Mar-05-2014 12:23AM
Alanna from Colorado Springs, CO wrote: 426
Little Queen
Been a fan since Little Queen was released (I was 10 and stole my brother's album, which I still have!. First concert was 1981 at Aloha Stadium. Awesome! It blew my mind and I have never been the same since. Heart and Ann and Nancy have touched my life in so many beautiful ways, I can't begin to describe. Looking forward to concert#11 in Albuquerque this April. I don't think they ever returned to Hawaii for another show, but fortunately I now live where they tour frequently! A 32 year old dream came true last August when I got to meet them! Feb-09-2014 4:48PM
victoriagabriel from Philadelphia wrote: 425
Red Velvet Car
Hi ADW just received my family photo I sent you and WOW!! You sent it back signed!! Very happy and suprised like a kid on christmas opening her best present ever xoxoxo Feb-04-2014 7:31PM
Pauly from UK wrote: 424
Dog And Butterfly
Ann, Nancy, when are you coming back to the UK ? Been a massive fan since Little Queen was released here, way back when. Saw you on the Jupiter's Darling Tour, absolutely brill !!! Your music inspires me every day.Even now Mistral Wind still makes my spine tingle. Love "Fanatic"! Great album, you never disappoint. Get yourselves back over here soon !!!! Love ya !!! Heart Smile Dec-26-2013 12:17AM
Denver Huffman from Florida wrote: 423
Jupiter's Darling
I just found this site as I was looking to preview the two new Christmas songs by Ann 'n Nan, glad to have found them here. Been a fan since 84', seen them a dozen times. They have left an indelible imprint on my soul as they have countless others. I very much look forward the upcoming live set next year. Rock on Ann n' Nan!!! Dec-13-2013 2:15AM
Doug from SoCal wrote: 422
Bebe Le Strange
I've been deeply in love with Ann Wilson since Magic Man. Love Nancy too but Ann has always been my love from afar! Ann, if you ever read this, just know that you have rocked this mans world since I was a teenager in the 70's and I will ALWAYS love you!!! Oct-25-2013 4:57PM
Lisa Bricker from sidney , indiana wrote: 421
Bebe Le Strange
I love you all......

For the great entertainment
You have brought to us an times an memories
May god bless you all
Hugs an kisses to each of you ....
Forever in my mind an heart
Lisa Bricker .... Smile Oct-25-2013 3:03AM
Gail K. from Superior, Wis. wrote: 420
Private Audition
I recently had a dream in which I heard a new Heart song!

I was walking through the woods, and I heard windchimes. Why are there windchimes in the woods? So, I walked toward the gentle ringing. There was an open space ahead. There I saw two fluttering somethings, with wings, that I'm sure were fairies. I ran quickly to the opening so I could really see the fairies. They were just dragonflies. How could I have made such a silly mistake?

But now, I could tell where the music was coming from. It was gentle guitar music. I moved forward, but stayed hidden. Next to a flowing stream, sitting on the flat rocks, was a handsome young man playing a guitar. The music was gentle and happy, wonderful to listen to, which I did. He finished the song, looked toward me, and said, "Come out, you know I've been waiting for you."

So, I walked out on to the flat rocks by the stream. He looked at me and seemed disappointed. He said, "I thought you were someone else."

I asked, "Can you play your pretty song?"

He said, "I'll play you one song, but then you have to leave. If she comes and see you with me, she might leave. But if you see her, please tell her I'm here waiting for her."

Then he began to play his gentle song. But then, one note changed in how he was playing. The song now sounded very sad. Slowly, he began to play louder, harder, and faster. Wow! It sounded like a Heart song, but one I had never heard before. It sounded like parts of many different Heart songs all blended into one BIG song, but a guy was playing it. The lyrics were about some woman who abandoned love.

Suddenly, I was no longer in the woods, but instead, I was standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I could still here the song. I turned back to my tent at the camp site. The song was playing from a transistor radio on the picnic table. A woman, who I could tell I didn't like, approached.

She asked what song was playing on the radio. I said, "It sounds terrible on this little radio", and I turned the radio off. I knew she didn't deserve to hear this song. She began chasing me for the song, which was now on an album I was carrying. I could hardly run, as my legs didn't want to move., and she was going to catch me! Then, I woke up.

I wish I could hear this song,again, as it was really really good. I wrote down some notes so I could remember this dream. I've tried to remember some lyrics, but I can't remember much. I remember "vanished, banished to the dark", and something, that compared tears in the moonlight, to twinkling stars. But that's all I can remember. Oh, how I wish I could hear this song, again! Sep-26-2013 1:24PM
karen from south africa wrote: 419
Jupiter's Darling
Just have to say you are the best.have not seen you live but have all your the fact that you care about animals too. Nancy I love your guitar Heart Heart Smile Sep-11-2013 6:33PM
Scott Blackmer from Portland Or. wrote: 418
Dreamboat Annie
Love you guys always have always will. been listening to you since the 70s. YOU ROCK MY WORLD. Aug-06-2013 12:01AM
TINA from Grass Valley, CA wrote: 417
Dreamboat Annie
San Francisco 8-28! Hell, yeah....can hardly wait. Thanks for the decades of music, Ann and Nancy! Right on combining your show with the talents of Jason Bonham. I am SO looking forward to this show by the Bay! Big Grin Mar-25-2013 1:27PM
Mario from Houston, TX wrote: 416
Hell Yea!! Just learned HEART is coming to Houston 08/14/13!! HEART Rocks!!! Smile Feb-20-2013 4:37PM
RICO CANDELA JR from MENDON, MA wrote: 415

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